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Few bands are establishing themselves so firmly in the world of Rock/Alternative Rock music like State Line Empire.  A multi-talented group of musicians, Aaron 'Cat", Jay and Hunter have been capturing the hearts of listeners with every new release and live show.


Formed in 2010, State Line Empire has been gaining fans and earning themselves a no holds barre reputation for their live shows.  Slash and Mike Clink discovered the band early on and took them under their wing to help the band continue to develop.  "State Line Empire struck us as having real rock and roll energy.  You know, that energy that has been a turn on to me ever since I was a kid.” says Slash. Slash wrote and performed on their 1st single “Drive Me.”  James Michael (SIXX AM) also collaborated with State Line Empire.


Since then State Line Empire has released several singles such as "Cut" and "GO" that have gone on to receive hundreds of thousands of views on social media.


State Line Empire says, "We write about the things that shaped us for better and worse.  It’s about life. Sharp and pointed and sometimes pretty.  It’s for the listeners, it’s for you and when we perform it’s all left on the stage, it’s a celebration and everyone is invited.”


Friday, August 21st

Whiskey a GoGo

State Line Empire


Lynch Mob

All Ages - Door @ 6pm - Tickets $30






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